Am I Disabled? Sedentary Work

Social security attorney for Boise, IdahoSocial Security has several ratings they assign to claimants based on their ability to perform certain physical tasks.  These tasks include sitting, standing, walking, lifting, carrying and so forth.  The more your physical capacity, the more jobs are available to you and the less likely you are to be able to qualify for disability.  Sedentary is the lowest ranking you can receive and still be expected to work.  If you can’t perform work at the sedentary level, you have a pretty fair chance of being found disabled. Contact a Boise Social Security Attorney at 208-344-3044 today for a free consultation.

If you are to perform the full range of sedentary work, you would have to meet certain physical qualifications, such as:

1. You must be able to lift at least 10 pounds
2. You must be able to lift and carry articles like docket files, ledgers and small tools
3. You must be able to stand and walk for at least 2 hours in an 8 hour work day.
4. You must be able to sit for at least 6 hours in an 8 hour work day.

Most sedentary jobs will also require you to be able to do things like see, hear, manipulate smaller objects, understand and remember instructions, concentrate, climb, crouch, balance,  and, believe it or not, show up to work regularly (not miss more than 2-3 days of work a month).

If you struggle with any of the above, it means that you are not able to perform all of the jobs that Social Security lists under sedentary work.  It does not mean that you are disabled, however.  You need to consult with a good Boise Social Security attorney who specializes in disability and is familiar with the rules and regulations that govern Social Security Disability.  If you would like a free consultation with a Boise Social Security attorney at Advocate Attorneys, call 208-344-3044.

One of our Boise Social Security attorneys can explain sedentary work requirements and what it means to have a “significantly eroded occupational base” at the sedentary level.  There are several factors that will influence whether or not you will be found disabled.  These factors include, but are not limited to, age, education, training, past work experience and special skills.

Pain and the ability to concentrate plays a huge role in your chances for disability benefits.  If your medications cause you to be in a “fog” or if you are in significant pain, you may still be disabled even if you are able to perform all of the exertional requirements at the sedentary level.  This is of course very subjective, and you will need certain documentation to establish your limitations at our disability hearing.  One of our Social Security attorneys for Boise, ID can consult with you and help you to obtain the documentation you need to show a Social Security Disability judge that you meet the requirements for benefits under Social Security’s disability rules and guidelines.  Call 208-344-3044, and a disability lawyer will work with you to prepare your case for a hearing.

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