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Is My Disability Severe Under SSDI Guidelines?

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NAMPA, ID – Our Nampa Disability Lawyers office understand that to be found disabled, an individual must have a medical condition that is “severe”. The impairment can be mental or physical, but must significantly limit the individual’s abilities to do basic work activities. An impairment is not severe if it is a slight abnormality (or a combination of slight abnormalities) that has no more than a minimal effect on the ability to do basic work activities. If you have a mental or physical condition that limits your ability to work, be sure to contact experienced Social Security attorneys or a disability lawyer who can listen to your symptoms and limitations and recognize whether they are severe enough to qualify you for Social Security Disability.

Symptoms such as pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, weakness, or nervousness, will not be found to affect your ability to do basic work activities until it can be shown that these conditions are caused by a medical condition that would be expected to produce these symptoms. This boils down to a credibility issue. Subjective symptoms such as those listed above must be connected to some objective medical evidence such as X-Rays, MRIs, laboratory finds, medical signs, etc.

Nampa Disability Lawyers – Judges Determination

Before a judge can determine that your condition is not severe, he or she must carefully evaluate the medical evidence in your file. Just because a judge finds that your impairments could reasonably be expected to produce the alleged symptoms does not mean that they will find you disabled. The judge will have to make a determination as to the intensity, persistence and functionally limiting effects of your symptoms. The judge must determine if your symptoms limit your ability to function so severely that you cannot do basic work activities.

Most of the time, a judge will find that your condition is severe because all you have to do is show that your limitation or restriction has more than a minimal effect on your ability to do basic work activities, even if the objective medical evidence does not show that your condition is severe. In fact, if the judge cannot clearly show that your condition is NOT severe, they must consider it severe and move on to make a determination about your ability to work.

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If you have any questions about your physical or mental limitations, contact a disability attorney who knows Social Security Disability guidelines and can help you with your Social Security Disability application. Finding good disability lawyers to help you with the function report and work history reports is very important. Our Nampa Disability Lawyers are happy to speak with you and provide a free consultation. What’s more, if you decide you need a social security attorney with your case, you won’t pay anything unless we win! Call (208) 466-2972 or click here to speak to our expert disability lawyers in Nampa, Idaho.

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