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Acceptable Medical Sources

Disability lawyers, Nampa IdahoNAMPA, IDDisability lawyers know that when Social Security is reviewing your claim, they will consider any medical source from any medical provider you may have. However, in order for the statement to carry weight or for Social Security to trust a diagnosis, the medical source statement must come from something the Social Security administration calls acceptable medical sources. Social Security looks at reports from every medical provider who has treated you (these are called your treating sources), so it is important to collect medical source statements from them to establish your limitations and the severity of your symptoms. These medical source statements are very important when it comes to determining whether you will get Social Security disability benefits or not, so you need to know what sources Social Security considers acceptable medical sources. Call our disability lawyers in Nampa, Idaho for more information or help. The following is a list of acceptable medical sources.

• Licensed osteopaths. The person treating you qualifies as a licensed osteopath only if he or she has a valid license in the state that he or she practices and a D.O. degree.

• Certified or licensed psychologists. To be licensed, the psychologist treating you must have a doctorate degree in psychology. They must also be licensed in the state that they practice in. If your psychologist is establishing a mental disability (such a learning disability or a mental
retardation) then the certified psychologist may include a school psychologist.

• Licensed physicians. A physician is considered to be licensed if he or she holds an M.D. degree and a valid license to practice in the state that he or she lives in. It is important to note that homeopathic, chiropractic, or naturopathic providers do not qualify as licensed physicians and are not considered to be acceptable medical sources by the Social Security administration.

• Licensed optometrists. An optometrist is considered an acceptable medical source only if your disability involves visual problems. Even if this is the case, their measurements must be in combination with other records from an osteopath or medical doctor. They must hold an O.D.

• Licensed podiatrists. Similarly to optometrists, podiatrists are only acceptable medical sources if they are treating disabilities with impairments of the foot (sometimes the ankle is acceptable also, depending on the laws of the state that he or she practices). They must also have a D.P.M. degree and be licensed in the state in which they practice.

• Speech-language pathologists. Once again, a speech-language pathologist is only an acceptable medical source if they are establishing speech or language requirements. They must be fully certified in the state in which they practice.

It is important to also note the sources that Social Security does not consider to be acceptable medical sources. These include chiropractors, nurse practitioners, doctor’s assistants, clinical social workers, counselors and therapists. Your claim will be the strongest if the statement comes from one of the acceptable medical sources, but sometimes a non-acceptable medical source is all you have.

If this is the case, then it certainly isn’t a waste of time to collect statements from them as well. Even though they won’t carry as much weight for the judge as an acceptable medical source, they may still help establish the limitations resulting your from symptoms or of the severity of your medical conditions. However, keep in mind that non-acceptable medical sources are not able to establish that you have a medically determinable impairment. Call our disability lawyers in Nampa, Idaho with any questions or a free consultation.

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