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Most applicants looking for Social Security Attorneys are looking for help with the paperwork, but don’t really know what questions they should ask. If you are looking for a Social Security Attorney in Nampa or Boise, Give us a call. We will not only answer questions you have, but will help you with things you probably have not even considered. For example, you are not likely thinking about how claiming unemployment benefits might impact your claim for disability benefits. To chat with a Boise or Nampa Social Security Attorneys office call 344-3044 or 466-2972. A local Nampa Social Security Attorney can quickly clear up the issues for you.

How Does Unemployment Affect My Claim?

The question of how a claim for unemployment benefits might affect your Social Security claim is difficult to answer with certainty, except to say that it will most likely have some negative impact. Social Security regulations specifically state that there is nothing inherently inconsistent with unemployment and Social Security disability. So you receiving unemployment benefits will not make you ineligible for disability benefits. But this is not the full story.Disability Attorney firm in Nampa, Idaho.

You need to understand that much of your success as a disability claimant is based upon your credibility. This is because many times you are complaining of subjective symptoms such as pain, and there is no pain-o-meter that we can hook you up to in order to verify that your pain is really there. And there is no really good way to determine exactly what your limitations really are. Because of this, your credibility before the judge is incredibly important.

So what does your credibility have to do with your claiming unemployment and disability at the same time? Simply this. Most states require that you be ready willing and able to work in order to qualify for unemployment benefits. Some states may even require that you certify specifically that you are not disabled. So if you are on unemployment and applying for disability, you are telling one agency that you are ready willing and able to work and at the same time telling another agency that you are disabled and unable to work.

Many claimants feel that as long as they make the proper number of applications each week and are willing to show up and at least try to work, even if they ultimately fail, that they deserve to receive unemployment benefits even though they are applying for disability because in their hearts they don’t think they will be able to sustain the work that may be offered to them.

At the end of the day, it comes down to the views of the particular judge you are lucky enough, or unlucky enough, to draw. Some judges are very forgiving of these kinds of situations, while others will use the fact that you were on unemployment as a reason to discredit your testimony about your symptoms and may find you not disabled.

There is, therefore, a cost to your disability claim if you elect to apply for unemployment benefits, and it is impossible to know precisely what that cost is. If you choose to collect unemployment, you should contact your disability attorney and let them know.

If you have additional questions about disability and unemployment benefits, call a Nampa Social Security Attorneys number 466-2972 or a Boise Social Security Attorneys number 344-3044. You will speak with an expert Social Security Disability attorneys who can give you a free consultation to help you determine if you should apply for Social Security Disability benefits. Advocate Attorneys for the Disabled works with clients all over Idaho and the Pacific Northwest, as well as Utah, Nevada, California and Arizona.
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