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  • Services: Advocate Attorneys are Social Security Attorneys dedicated to helping you successfully apply for Social Security Disability. We know the local disability judges and what they want to see in a successful disability candidate. Our Attorneys in Boise focus on disability law. In fact, disability is all we do. And make sure your advocate for the disabled is a real lawyer.

Why Use Boise Advocate Attorneys?

  • Expedited Applications--We may be able to cut months off of your disability application. We work hard to get you an on-the-record decision.

  • You Know You Have An Attorney--Many non-attorneys try to represent claimants. Be sure you have an experienced Social Security attorney for Boise.

  • Our Disability Lawyers are Experts--Our Boise Social Security attorneys know Social Security law. We prepare high quality applications.

  • We Don`t Let The Government Intimidate You--We are aggressive, compassionate and responsive to every person who chooses us to represent them.

  • We don't get paid unless you win--We Are Dedicated To The Success Of Your Claim. If there is any way to win your case, we will find it.

We Can Make The Difference For You!

Our Boise Disability Lawyers can offer you the best chance for approval

Especially with Social Security Disability, how you are presented is as important as what is being presented. Imagine someone offering you a choice of two pieces of cake. They are exactly similar except that immediately prior to you making your choice, the person offering you the cake smashes one to pieces with a fork. The elements of both pieces are exactly the same, but you will of course choose the piece that looks like what you expect a piece of cake to look like.

Our disability lawyers have the expertise to take the elements of your disability case and present them to the judge in the way that best helps him to see your file as he expects a disabled person’s file to look like, thus greatly enhancing your chances of approval. Don't wait! Call or submit a consultation request now!

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Been denied? Have questions? We can help. Complete the form below or call us today for a free consultation. We guaranty that if you don’t win your disability claim, we will not charge you a fee. You can be assured that if there is any way to win your claim, we will work hard to find it.

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    They were very quick to handle my claims. Always kept me up to date and took care of everything for me so I wouldn\'t have too! I would completely recommend Idaho Disability!

    Very Good Service!

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    I am very pleased with the attorneys from Idaho Disability. They always answer the phone when I call or return my calls. I have been treated very professionally and as someone that matters. I would recommend to my friends.

    They got my claim approved.

    5 5 1
    My claim was denied after trying to represent myself. I decided to get some help and chose Idaho Disability because they seemed sincere and able to help. They took care of all the frustrating parts and that was a big relief. Best of all my claim was approved! I would definitely recommend Idaho Disability!

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