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After You Have Won Your Disability Benefits

Boise Idaho–Once your disability claim has been approved you aren’t automatically guaranteed benefits for the rest of your life. The Social Security Administration will periodically look at your case to make sure that you are still disabled. If you need help with this process or if you have questions, you can contact one of our Social Security disability lawyers in Boise Idaho.

Social security disability lawyers in Meridian, Idaho.The Social Security administration has two types of reviews. One is a medical continuing disability review that determines if the claimant still meets the medical requirements to collect disability benefits. The second is the work continuing disability review, where Social Security will look at the claimant’s earnings to see if he or she is still eligible. How often a case is reviewed varies from claimant to claimant. If the claimant has a medical condition that is expected to improve, they may be reviewed as soon as six to eighteen months. On the other hand, if the medical condition is not expected to improve, it might be as long as seven years before the case is reviewed. If it is possible that the claimant will improve, then his or her case will probably be reviewed around the three year mark.  Children who receive disability benefits will automatically be reviewed once they turn eighteen.

A continuing disability review can also be triggered by change in your circumstances. It may be triggered if you return to work, if you inform the Social Security administration that your condition has improved, a new treatment pertaining to your disability has recently been introduced, if someone informs Social Security that you are not following your treatment protocol or if your medical evidence indicates that your condition has improved. When you receive the continuing disability review, it’s important that you fill them out and return them. Social Security will send you a second notice. After that, however, if you don’t fill it out or if you don’t attend any examinations that Social Security schedules, you will lose your benefits.

If your disability claim is up for review, you will first receive a notice by mail. The Social Security Administration will have you fill out some paperwork describing what your current condition is. They will also ask you for a list of all the places where you have received treatment. Just like when you were first applying for benefits, Social Security will get copies of all your recent medical records. If you haven’t been seeing the doctor or if you don’t have enough medical records, they will schedule you for a Consultative Exam.  For this reason, it is important that you continue to see a doctor, even after you have been awarded Social Security Disability benefits. It’s better that you are seen by someone who is familiar with you and your disability than to have your case reviewed by a Social Security doctor. When you do visit the doctor, be sure that you describe your symptoms in every visit, and be as truthful as you can. Don’t exaggerate your symptoms, but don’t understate them either.

If your symptoms haven’t improved, then your disability benefits will continue. However, if your symptoms have improved, then Social Security will look so see if they still meet the disability requirements.

Social Security tries to reward people who are trying to work despite their disability, so you can still work and receive disability benefits. However, you are responsible for informing the Social Security Administration when you return to work, when your duties or pay change or when you start paying for work expenses due to your disability.

You can still work as long as you follow certain rules.  You can go over the Substantial Gainful Activity limit if it’s during a trial work period. There is also something called the Ticket to Work Program that can help you attempt working again without fear of losing your benefits.

When the time for your case to be reviewed does come, don’t worry too much. In general, it’s easier to pass a continuing disability review than it is to be granted benefits in the first place. If your benefits do stop, then you can appeal. For more information, you can contact one of our Social Security Disability attorneys in Boise Idaho.

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