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6 To Make The Most Of Your Doctors Visits – Pt. 1

Boise Disability Lawyers Can HelpBOISE, ID – Our Social Security Disability Lawyers will tell you that the most important thing you can do to help yourself as you apply for Social Security Disability benefits is to go to your doctor. But you can’t simply just go and expect to get the results you need. Below are some helpful principles to follow when visiting your doctor, but you should talk with one of our disability lawyers for helpful hints regarding your particular disability, symptoms and limitations.

1. Don’t Talk To Your Doctor About Social Security Disability—You are at the doctors to get treatment. Don’t talk about Social Security Disability. If you want to talk about your disability, call our disability lawyers firm for Boise, Idaho. Doctors want to feel that you are in their office to get their help in feeling better and getting on with your life. They don’t want to feel like you are there to give them information for them to write down so that you can get onto disability. Also, when Social Security reviews your medical records and finds you talking to your doctor about applying for disability benefits, they begin to wonder if they can believe what you are telling your doctor.

2. Keep a Journal—Get a spiral notebook or a notepad and begin a journal. This is particularly important if you have headaches, irritable bowel syndrome or similar diseases that produce good and bad days. In between your doctor visits, make brief little notes regarding difficulties you have with your daily activities. The idea is to give the doctor a good understanding of your physical and mental limitations. You should provide specific examples that show your limitations with respect to your ability to lift, stand, sit, walk, reach, finger, handle etc. Here are some examples:

  • You get winded walking up the stairs in your home
  • You tried to lift a gallon of milk out of the refrigerator and experienced significant pain and needed help
  • You tried to watch a movie from a seated position, but you could only sit for a short time before you had to stand up
  • You tried to read a book and it took you 30 minutes to read 3-4 pages because you kept having to reread in order to understand or remember the content

Good disability lawyers can help you prepare your case right the first time. Our Disability Lawyers in Boise, Idaho can provide a no cost, no obligation consultation to help you understand your situation and the best route to take. Our disability lawyers firm services Boise, Idaho and surrounding areas.

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