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Disability Determination Services

Social Security Attorneys for Boise, ID - Free Case EvaluationBoise, ID – Our Social Security Attorneys for Boise, ID know that when you apply for Social Security disability, it helps to know about the process. The more you know about the process, the more prepared you will be. Our Social Security disability lawyers are here to help you make the best possible decisions and stay informed. One big part of the Social Security administration is the disability determination services office.

Every state has a disability determination services office (called the DDS). The DDS handles your initial claim, or new applications. They will also be the ones to handle your reconsideration claim if you are denied or any other initial claims you file after the first one. The DDS also handles claims where the outcomes are uncertain and you may get better. This is typical of claimants who have had a heart attack or heart surgery and they apply for disability right away, but it isn’t known yet whether the treatment they receive will be successful or not. If this is the case, the DDS will probably hold your claim to see if you improve and if the treatments will be effective or not and if you are going to have a permanent disability. This period is typically around three months, but if could last more.

Your case will be reviewed by a medical examiner. Medical examiners typically work for the DDS office, making determinations on an applicant’s eligibility for Social Security disability. It helps to know a little bit about this process. Not only can it help you get all the information the medical examiner needs, but it can help you spot errors a busy DDS office might have made. Our social security attorneys can walk you through process.

The first thing the medical examiner will do is gather all your medical records and additional information from you and your doctor(s). This includes things like consultative examination results, medical treatment notes, your past relevant work history and what your educational background is. If they decide that you haven’t seen any doctors within the past three months, than they will probably have you see a consultative examiner to get more information on your physical or mental condition. It is beneficial for you to be seeing a doctor (called a medical treatment source) that is an acceptable treating source by Social Security standards. For more about what constitutes an acceptable medical source, please see the article entitled Acceptable Medical Sources.

The medical examiner will compile all this information and a doctor will be consulted on the severity and nature of your disability. Then the decision is made! Keep in mind that the rules are slightly different for quick disability determination cases, where the facts are straightforward and the outcome is obvious. In these kinds of cases, one examiner is allowed to approve (but not deny!) a claim without a physician review.

There are some things that you need to be cautious about when a decision is being made about you claim. You will know that something’s wrong if a decision is made without enough medical evidence. A medical examiner can’t make a decision without requesting and reviewing your treating doctor’s records or, if you don’t have a treating doctor, without sending you to a consultative examiner. Be wary if the examiner is unable to answer your questions or if he or she seems evasive. Unless your case is a Quick Disability Decision, the examiner must take your claim to a DDS medical consultant to evaluate your medical records.

Keep in mind that most of the claims evaluated by the DDS are denied, so you will probably have to have your case heard by a judge at a disability hearing before you can be approved for benefits. Our Social Security Attorneys for Boise, ID can help you prepare your claim so you can present the best case possible to the judge.

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