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Social Security denies disability benefits to over 65% of applicants on their initial claim and over 90% who ask for a reconsideration. You may be thinking that sounds like a pretty bleak picture. Now consider that our disability lawyers have extremely high success rates of getting people approved. Our disability lawyers know what it means to have a disability and how to present your symptoms so that Social Security can see yours.
Whether you're just starting the application and have questions or have already been denied, we offer expert advice from a Social Security disability lawyer to ensure you the best possible outcome in your case.
Boise Disability Lawyers, Boise Idaho

Why Use Idaho Disability Lawyers?

  • Expedited Applications--We may be able to cut months off of your disability application. We work hard to get you an on-the-record decision.

  • You Know You Have An Attorney--Many non-attorneys try to represent claimants. Be sure you have an experienced Social Security attorney Boise Idaho.

  • Our Disability Lawyers are Experts--Our Social Security attorneys know Social Security law.  We prepare high quality applications.

  • We Don`t Let The Government Intimidate You--We are aggressive, compassionate and responsive to every person who chooses us to represent them.

  • We don't get paid unless you win--We Are Dedicated To The Success Of Your Claim. If there is any way to win your case, we will find it.

Social security disability lawyers Boise, Idaho

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Been denied? Have questions? We can help. Complete the form below or call us today for a free consultation. We guaranty that if you don’t win your disability claim, we will not charge you a fee. You can be assured that if there is any way to win your claim, we will work hard to find it.

Boise Disability Lawyers Boise, Idaho
Boise Disability Lawyers

If you are applying for disability, chances are you have a lot of questions. Our disability lawyers can show you how to prepare a successful disability claim. That's why we offer you a free consultation.

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Idaho social security disability attorneys
Frequent Questions

We have answered some of the questions that most people have when they apply for disability. You may find these answers from Boise Social Security Attorneys in our Frequent Questions section.

Blog and Forum

We have also included a lot of helpful information about disability-related issues on our blog and forum from Social Security Attorneys Boise Idaho.

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Prepare For A Hearing

Your best chance for benefits is at a hearing. Our disability lawyers will do everything possible to help you prepare. For a start, watch this video.

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Definitely recommend Idaho Disability!
My attorney was able to get my previous failed applications reopened at the hearing so I was able to get twice as much in back benefits. I am so grateful I chose these lawyers!”
My claim was denied after trying to represent myself. I decided to get some help and chose Idaho Disability because they seemed able to help. Best of all my claim was approved! I would definitely recommend Idaho Disability!”
I am so glad I did not hire someone else!
My experience was stress free. They were very helpful. They listened with consideration, care and empathy. I am so glad I did not hire someone else. I highly recommend them.”